Online Shopping FAQ

Shop Online and Get Your Groceries Curbside


What days can I order online for curbside pick-up?

You may place an online order any day of the week with the option to order up to one day in advance or choose same-day pick-up. Please note that curbside pick-up is not available on Saturdays. If an order is placed on Saturday, it will be available on Sunday for pick-up.

What times can I order?

Unlike phone orders, you may place an order anytime. All orders must be placed a minimum of 2 hours before pick-up and no more than 1 day in advance. See below for specific pick-up time range.

If an order is placed less than 2 hours before curbside pick-up ends, it will be processed and available for pick-up the following day, with the exception of Saturday.

What times can I pick up?

Curbside pick-up is available during the following hours:

Monday: No Curbside Pick-Up

Tuesday: 10am - 5pm

Wednesday: 10am - 5pm

Thursday: 12pm-7pm

Friday: 10am - 5pm

Saturday: No Curbside Pick-up

Sunday: 10am-5pm

All orders must be placed at least 2 hours before you pick-up. 

Can I order ahead of time?

Absolutely! We are able to process orders one day ahead of time. Please know that curbside pick-up is not available on Saturdays. 

Can I pay online?

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to accept online payment at this time. We will continue to process your payment at the time of pick-up. We can accept credit/debit cards, checks, cash, and EBT.


Important Disclaimer: due to weight variations in produce and bulk items, in addition to the Pick 5 items, the price listed in your cart may be different than the total at the time of pick-up.

Is the Pick 5 feature still available?

Yes! Until we are able to add more products to the online store, shoppers are able to select 5 items not available on the site. Please be sure to indicate 1) brand 2) product name 3) size to ensure the correct item is picked. To order your Pick 5, type your requested products in the box titled “Can't Find Something?” in your Cart.

Why isn't the Co-op's full inventory available on the Co-op Shop?

We are working toward this! Each week we'll be adding more items until our full inventory is available for the Co-op Shop. Until then, we're allowing the "Pick 5" option to allow shoppers to select items not yet available in the shop.

Are phone orders still an option for ordering?

Phone orders are no longer an option for ordering as of August 2nd, 2020. If you have questions about how to order online, please feel free to call the store, and we will walk you through it!

Will online orders still have the service fee?

Yes, all curbside pick-up services will still include a $5 service fee.

Where can I enter my owner number?

If you are an owner of the Co-op, please list your owner number after your last name. You don't have to be an owner to shop with us, though!

I’m here to pick up my groceries. Now what?

When you’re here for curbside pick-up, call us at (217) 202-8734. We’ll process your payment at your car and load up your groceries!

Who can I contact if I have questions or concerns?

You can reach out to our Curbside Manager! Email at or call (217) 202-8734.