A Tour of Janie's Flour Mill
09/28/2021 - Liz Sands

When you think local food, visions of vegetable farms, cows grazing in pastures and cheese creameries often come to mind. Less common is a local flour mill, but here at Common Ground we've got you...

Exploring Delight Flower Farm
09/07/2021 - Liz Sands

The central Illinois landscape is synonymous with farming. Drive in any direction from Champaign-Urbana, and you will be surrounded by rows and rows of corn and soybean crops. Dig a little deeper...

An Afternoon with Sola Gratia Farm
08/09/2021 - Liz Sands

From the moment you step foot onto Sola Gratia Farm, you become immersed in their farm and mission. A group of Common Ground staff were fortunate enough to spend a day at Sola, exploring the...