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What Can You Do for Your Co-op?

By Sam Ihm, Promotions Coordinator

The buzz is all about our competition these days because local products have become a focus at big box stores. Co-ops like ours, who’ve always focused on local, are losing the money that the “big boys” are raking in. In these trying times, it’s ever more important that our community-owned store has community support.


So, what can you do? Here’s a list to get you started.

Common Ground Return Policy

The following policies become effective Wednesday February 1, 2017.

The purpose of our return policy is to promote customer satisfaction while setting reasonable and fiscally responsible boundaries for refunds and exchanges.

Common Ground will accept returns with a receipt within:

October 2016 Customer Comments

Hello! Apparently it is fun and fine to fantasize. I fantasize that a Common Ground co-op will come to North Carolina. Fine right? P.s. Thanks for the water fountain!

Hehehe! We hope we one day can expand and we are glad to know you want to bring the co-op home with you! Keep dreaming, we hope we can make them come true!


I love this place. Love Love Love. We sometimes shop here. I love the dried fruit collections!

Oh! Dried fruit, especially in the bulk section, it is delightful. Several of the staff really enjoy the dried mangos!

September 2016 Customer Comments

Please carry more than one kind of Fluoride toothpaste (especially Tom's). Thanks!

Thank you! We will look into this! We currently carry a few types of Fluoride toothpastes and put out more signage about Fluoride. Thank you for the feedback!


Nitro cold brew coffee ( I've had Stumptown before in a can). 

We will look into this product! Check out our beverage case for a product similar to this!


Vincent in the Deli is great!

August 2016 Comment Cards

I am at a big loss for Banana Bread. I really miss it with my coffee and the taste of it!

Oh! Thank you for being such a fan. We've told our bakery team about how you miss it. The bakery decided to discontinue the banana bread because it wasn't selling enough instead decided to feature Pekara's bakery items. If you need something to accompany your coffee, I highly recommend the almond croissant. It's delicious!


Would thoroughly enjoy 1) Freywine Cabernet Sauvignon 2) Crumpets in the freezer section.

Virtual Tour of Sarah and Charles Wisseman Art Studio

We had the best day visiting the studio and home of Sarah and Charles Wisseman, the featured Co-op artists! We look forward to hosting an Art Gallery Reception on January 27th, from 6:30-8:30pm in our Flatlander Classroom and we hope you can join us.


Sarah and Charles, owners of the Co-op, make a powerful couple because they are both brilliant and creative artists, respectful world travelers, esteemed experts in their academic realms of archeology and pathology, and delightful to be around.



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