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Round Up for Good

A little adds up

Each month, Common Ground’s customers “Round Up” their change at the register to donate to a local organization chosen by our owners. Customers may also throw extra change into our donation box on their way out. A little bit at the register adds up to a lot. We have raised $188,570.12 since 2012!

The Round Up for Good program began in February 2010, following the earthquake in Haiti when Common Ground owners expressed a desire to collectively donate to the humanitarian efforts through Common Ground. The Round Up for Good Program became so successful it became a month crowd funding program, highlighting local organizations elected by our owners the previous September. Round Up For Good elections are every September with the Board of Directors election & Meeting of Owners. Each month, Common Ground aims to collect donations in support of organizations that enrich our town. Every May, we dedicate donations towards our food accessbility program, Food For All, a program now nationally recognized as Co+op Basics, that provides annual ownership grant, discount on pantry staples, and free Co-op class admission. Since 2012, Common Ground has donated $188,000 to local organizations through Round Up for Good. The 2018's lineup is exciting because every organizations featured is within Champaign-Urbana. 

Round Up for Good 2018 Schedule

January-Daily Bread Soup Kitchen ($4,686.83)

February- Education Justice Project and EJP Art Gallery feature ($4,142.66)

March- Prairie Rivers Network

April- Rape Advocacy, Counseling, & Education Services: RACES

May-Common Ground's Food For All Program

June-Eastern Illinois Foodbank 

​July- Sola Gratia Farm

August-Planned Parenthood Champaign Health Center 

September- Black Lives Matter C-U

October- U-C Independent Media Center (IMC)

November- Courage Connection

December- Crisis Nursery

Round Up for Good 2017 Results, $56,951.65 

In September, 2016 Common Ground owners chose these organizations to receive donations in 2017. You can see the results from that vote here.

January-Daily Bread Soup Kitchen (4,809.93)
February-Champaign County Humane Society ($4,491.72)
March-Prairie Rivers Network  ($4,728.52)
April-McKinley Garden Hills Food Pantry  ($5,363.52)
May-Common Ground's Food For All Program ($4,413.18)
June-Eastern Illinois Foodbank ($1,979.06 raised at Ice Cream Social and $4,223.01 through Round Up For Good)
​July-Black Lives Matter C-U ($5,748.59)
August-Planned Parenthood Champaign Health Center ($6,705.61)
September- The TIMES Center ($3,522.01)
October- U-C Books to Prisoners ($3,631.33)
November- Austin's Place Emergency Women's Shelter ($4401.82)
December- Crisis Nursery ($4,912.41)

Round Up for Good 2016 Results, $56,319.19 donated

January-Daily Bread Soup Kitchen (together we raised $4,576.29)
February-Feeding Our Kids (together we raised $3,134.43)
March-Prairie Rivers Network (together we raised $5,302.76)
April-Prosperity Gardens (together we raised $4,858.13)
May-Common Ground's Food For All Program (together we raised $4,413.18)
June-Eastern Illinois Foodbank (together we raised $6,907.35)
​July-Don Moyer Boys & Girls Club (together we raised $3,934.71)
August-Education Justice Project  (we raised $2,465.31) & Champaign County Health Care Consumers (we raised $1,997.89)
September- The Times Center (we raised $4,542.93)
October- UC Books to Prisoners (we raised $4,795.65)
November- The Wesley Evening Food Pantry (we raised $4,576.69)
December- Crisis Nursery (we raised $4,813.98)

Round Up For Good 2015- $28,263

Round Up For Good 2014- $16,493

Round Up For Good 2013- $9,373

Round Up For Good 2012- $6,324